SOLD - Brand New @ Factory Ready 2 Go GFC 4 Sale! - With Option To Trade For 2022 Build Spot

SOLD! To a very nice people!

I have a new GFC Camper # 875 for a Short Box Toyota Tacoma (Fits Gen1 to 3 with 60.5" box) available for pick up at GFC factory.

Camper is black with Grey frame & has the “Factory Installed Prime Cut Accessory Package” i.e 3 - anodized black “Beef Racks”, 4 - “Strap Nuggets” adjustable tie down points that slide into the rack tracks, 8 - “Track Studs” used to mount nay accessories to the rack such as Thule products etc. etc., 2 - “Universal Mounts” for an awning, 2 - “90 Degree Brackets” for mounting lights antennas etc. and a “Wind Skid” to look uber cool and reduce noise…all installed at factory etc etc.

This camper has the latest hurricane hinge type door hinges & new improved tent material etc., Grey in color. The tent has the side door entrance options and rear access door has the window option. At the time this was the loaded with all options available.

Price is the $ 8,236.55 USD funds that I have into camper. That is ~ $ 1,500 less then what they sell for now without any options & accessories!

It was paid in full and ready to pick up the day before the border closure. I’m selling since I cannot pick it up due to the extended USA / Canada border closure which Canadian officials are speculating will be till 2022. I’m in Northern BC so shipping makes it extremely expensive therefore pick up is my only option…hence the sale. GFC is willing to store it till I can come down…great people at GFC, just not willing to have it sit for a year at there factory as there is no way to insure it.

Payment through bank draft or EMT only…bank to bank and you pick it up at GFC once funds have cleared so its perfectly safe for both parties. GFC process is quite simple they just act as the holder of the goods and just need from me new owner’s: name, email, phone and address. After funds have cleared i let then know and you contact them for confirmation & arrange pick up at the GFC factory, shipping or white glove delivery service.

Alternatively I would also be willing to trade for a 2022 build spot as part trade. Basically this means less your deposit off of the selling price for this camper so you don’t lose out on deposit money. I would take over your build spot, basically rolling the money into a later build that I’m hopeful I can pick up next year once border opens. You have no wait time etc. a camper for the lower cost & don’t lose out on your deposit.

Also as an option I have a new in box Martin off road half rack for a Double Cab Tacoma that is made to fit perfectly on the roof in front of the GFC for what I paid for it which was $ 580 USD…for buyer of camper only. If you don’t want the rack no problem. I’m just flipping the funds into another GFC once the border opens back up any way and saves me having to wait for a rack.

If your interested please let me know.strong text


Bump for ya. This border closure is sure cramping my style as well. I travel for work and it’s been nice not to be on airplanes - but not being able to cross the border to pick things up certainly sucks!

It was a lot of fun exploring more of BC this past summer instead of traipsing off somewhere else like the family usually wants to do!

Be well!

Thank you. BC is amazing! I love traveling down to USA though…Washington, Oregon, Montana, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming were all going to be visited when picking up the camper. Great people and lots to see and do. I look forward to doing the trip in 2022.

Hi Runt,

I’m interested in your completed build. Can you send me the build # so I can call GFC and confirm it will work of my truck?

Thank you,


Hello Jordan,

It is Unit # 875.  It is for a Toyota Tacoma Gen 1 to 3 with a 60.5" box i.e. Short Box.  

Best regards