SOLD: Brand New - GFC SuperLite and accessories (Seattle)

This has been sold!

  • Location:
    Pick up only in Seattle, WA.

  • Price: $2213.83
    What I originally paid for.

  • Item Description/ Condition:
    Completely brand new, in-box GFC Superlite, PuffPad Mattress, and SuperLite Ladder.
    1x GFC Superlite
    1x PuffPad Mattress
    1x SuperLite Ladder

  • Why I’m Selling:
    Bought it immediately after GFC sold off the rest of their Superlite inventory and ended up never using it and now I just simply don’t need it.

  • Photo(s):
    Happy to provide photos, but they’ll just be pictures of boxes. I can screenshot the initial order confirmation.

PM’d you. Thanks!