SOLD: build 1609 - estimate May delivery

Here’s the deal: my wife and I bought this spot last summer, expecting a July 21 build. They now estimate May. Meanwhile, we purchased an earlier spot from someone and will pick it up next week, so we are selling our original spot.

We paid an extra $750 to get our earlier spot, and would like to recoup some of that, so are selling this spot for $1000, which includes the $500 down payment.

No options have been picked yet, so it is totally wide open. It will be the new V2, of course, but can be for any truck, any color, etc. The only caveat is that the May date is for common - Tacoma, Tundra, etc. If you have a less common truck, it may be pushed out later than May. You can call Go Fast and ask them for details.

Here’s your opportunity to get a brand new V2 in time for summer! First come, first served. Please email me at: