SOLD Build #1691 for sale - June build

EDIT: Sold!

Hi there! Due to some unexpected financial difficulties, I’m (very regretfully) selling my place in line, build #1691 with an estimated start in June. I paid the $500 deposit, but I’m looking for $750 or best offer. Colors and options haven’t been chosen yet, and the build was originally for my 2020 Tacoma TRD double-cab short bed. Not sure if that can be changed at this point, but I’m waiting for a response back from GFC about that. Hit me up with questions, I’ll try to respond quickly.

Sorry to hear you need to sell. I’ll DM you with an offer.

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Hey man, that is a bummer to hear I am sorry about that. I will buy your deposit. I will send you an offer please get back to me when you can. Thank you so much! @jstew18 I am sending you a DM .

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Hey @jstew18, I dont know how to send a DM… Can you send me a text at 406 600 487eight? Sorry about the confusion

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No worries, I’ll text you in a sec!