SOLD: Build #2015 - August build


I have purchased an earlier build and looking to recover my deposit of $500. Please let me know if interested!

The spot is for a shortbed Tacoma but can be changed as needed.


Bump. Spot still available for August 2021.

I am interested in buying this spot.

Hello - I sent you a PM yesterday, let me know if still interested, spot still available.

Thank you, Spot 2050, responded to me first, so most likely going with that one. But I have an email in to GFC just to make sure it’s all good. I will contact you if not and I still need a spot.
Thanks so much

Thank you for letting me know.

Spot is still availabe as of 3/17

Is this still for sale?

Yes still available. Please email me if interested.

Spot has been sold 3/18 - thank you!