SOLD -Build Spot #1962 For Sale - July build

Selling my build spot for July.

Nothing set yet, originally was for a Tacoma but they said you can change to XL if needed. Need $650 to cover another camper deposit i am moving to.

THIS IS STILL AVAILABLE 5/27 . Rancho & JB did not buy it.

I am definitely interested , how do we transfer it from you to me other than me paying you. I am already in line for November but wouldn’t mind getting it much earlier.

Ill take it. 646-594-4751

I will get the details from GFC and let you know how we proceed. Send me your cell and i cam call you with details.

If Rancho doesn’t take it i will give you a call.

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i’m out let JB take it…

I’m ready to on my end:)

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I’m interested if this can be changed to XL for a 6.5’ bed on a '13 Tundra. PM me if you want to continue.

I’m interested if this is still available.

just sent you a PM, it is still available