SOLD: Build spot #1969 standard camper


Asking $800US OBO. Looking to recoup the $575. Non XL build spot with no colors or options selected yet. It was originally intended for a 3rd gen long bed tacoma.

Thank you,

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Sweet I’ll take it from you! Will PM for more details.

Is this still available?

camper reservation is still available

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Hi Jeff,

I am interested in your reservation. I will send you a DM


Actually, the Forum says I’m too new; can’t DM you.
Please DM me if you’re interested in selling your spot. - G

Any chance this is still available? When is the expected build for this? Looking to purchase the earliest one I can find!

Hey Kevin,
Camper reservation still available. If your wanting a GFC, I encourage you to get in line where ever you can. You an always stay active on this forum and look for add’l opportunities to move up.
Im not sure on build time and anything is a guess at this point. I was originally told end of August.

LMK if you interested and shoot me a DM. Im getting out of GFC as I was lucky to fall into a used four wheel camper. Cheers!

Hey jeff

I’m interested.


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Jeff, I’m interested. Can you text or call me to work out details. 2086068927 Steve

Is this still available?

Sorry Evandeh, i had forgotten to update. Reservation has been sold and waiting final transfer to new owner.

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All good thanks for the reply