Sold - Build Spot 2359 for sale

I bought an earlier slot so my original slot is now for sale. Just got the email yesterday. Ready to set options and schedule install date now. Only seeking face value $500. Feel free to text (307) 413-8224


J.R. Jenkins

Is it for a camper or a platform?

It is a camper that I’m offering up.

Is this spot still for sale? I am interested in buying.

This build spot has been sold.

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@JWILLY Hey I have a spot available for option selection received the email for invoice today. Looking to just get my deposit back. Please let me know. Only selling because I got an earlier spot in line.

Thanks for reaching out. I just bought a spot so I won’t be needing one anymore.

Hey @Mammothram - I may be interested in your spot. What is the number and approximate timing? Standard vs XL or still open? Thanks

Hello @TRDbaja5 its still available. It’s build spot 2521 just got the email two days ago for the invoice and option selection so they can start building. Seems like they are loving quickly. Please let me know if you are interested. It’s an xl but can be changed to anything

@Mammothram if this spot is available I would be interested and ready to move forward. Let me know. Thanks!

@AWhite hello yes the spot is available and I could start the transfer process right now. Please feel free to text me. Just got the email for moving forward toward the build.

Looking at the thread you may have already sold this. Can you please confirm if still available?


Yes spot is sold sorry