SOLD ** Build Spot 907 for sale ** SOLD

I bought an earlier build spot and no longer need this one. The XL deposit ($575) has been applied towards this build. Currently, the estimated start month is September, but GFC is allegedly a little ahead of schedule.

If you are interested, email me at the address below, with your offer. Please ensure the subject line contains “GFC 907.” At noon MT on June 30th I will contact the highest bidder to coordinate the $ transfer (Zelle is preferred) and provide the new owner’s info to GFC.

This build can be changed to a Standard and/or customized to your desired options.


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Hey there! email sent.

Email sent as well! Thanks!

Email sent! Fingers crossed!

Hi! Email also sent.

  • Jonny

Why don’t you just state a price for the reservation and be done with it? You know what you want to get for it. Someone will buy this ASAP—no need to dicker around and drag this out for days.


Agreed. I get it, supply and demand economics, but I’m definitely not a fan of dragging people along to make a bigger payout


I agree! If you want to do an auction style sell, then list it on eBay—not here on the forum.