SOLD! Camper #234

Sell my GFC #234 to go a different direction.

Camping with two adults and two large dogs we are constantly finding ourselves wanting just a little more room for comfort

I have had no problems with the camper at all.

No broken latches, locks, henges, rust issues or leaks.

The camper is just over 1 year old. (June 10th, 2019)

If anyone is wanting to skip the lead time completely and take off with a new camper please send me a PM. Located in Central Ohio for pickup. Thanks!

Asking $7k


  • Go Fast Camper #234 (Black Panels/Grey Frame W/Front & Rear Window Option
  • Built for 3rd Gen Short Bed Tacoma
  • GFC Awning Brackets
  • GZila Rear Rain Fly Brackets & Rods
  • GFC Rear Window Tint 5%
  • Vernacular Storage, GFC Tent Top Shelf
  • 15x30” PowerTye Cargo Net in GFC
  • MaxxFan Mini Vent Fan In GFC Roof
  • Renogy 100W Flexible Solar Panel Roof Mounted
  • Matt Gecko LED GFC Lighting Kit (Bed & Tent)
  • PCA 12V Dimmer Switch For Tent LED Strips
  • Smaller Panels Are Cut Down To Leave A Gap For Better Air Flow And Bed Access
    Asking: $7k OBO.

Sorry to go off topic but how much lift do you have in your truck?

No problem.
I’ve never really measured it but I’m running:

OME BP-51’s front and Rear. SPC UCA’s and OME Dakar HD Leaf Packs.

-BP-51 Settings:

  • Drivers Side Preload: 15mm
  • Passenger Side Preload: 12mm
  • 1/4” Headstrong Off-road Spacer on both fronts to bring the front up an additional 1/2”.
  • Compression & Rebound settings: Front: 5/5 Rear: 5/5

If I had to guess maybe 2” up front over stock and 2.5” in the rear with all added weight.

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Thanks man. Good luck on the new adventure :call_me_hand:

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Great looking truck… if this was a Long bed I’d scoop it up! GLWS

Price drop bump! $6700!

I’m very interested in your camper for my 2010 short bed Tacoma. Would it work to private message to talk about details (I’m new to the forum and am unsure how to send a PM)?

I sent ya a message!

But you just started cranking out some dope gfc accessories !!

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Well apparently it’s not going to sell the way it’s looking, haha. :cricket::cricket::cricket:

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And pointing out that it would be a decent guest room when installed in your backyard.

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A little off topic but I saw your video about your bed setup. Mind sharing some more photos of your drawer build out. trying to get inspo for a little build out.



Sale is pending pickup on camper!

Guess that’s good news, but you just got a good place to park out of the weather in the new house.

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Yeah. Now it can fit in the garage. Haha.