SOLD- Deaver Stage II

Deaver stage II for Tacoma, bought from headstrong last year. They were only on the truck for 6 months before I went with a different set up. $700 Located near indianapolis. They were sprayed with fluid film once installed. Also installed is a 3 degree shim from wheelers that eliminated the driveline vibe I had.

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Are they for Tacoma? With Bushings? U bolts? Anything else?

Thanks, I have 2nd gen 2012. Or I would buy.

@Chinderliter pretty sure they will fit … 2005-2020


If this is correct :point_up_2: I would like to buy them @Rprogress

Yes they should fit. Shoot me a dm and we can figure when and where to meet. Ive got some super bumps I’d let go of for 100 if you’re interested in those as well.