Sold---For Sale: 2018 Tacoma Double Cab Long Bed TRD Off-Road 4x4 with V1 Space Frame GFC--Sold


I am looking to sell my 2018 Tacoma with GFC (#468) as a package deal located in Portland, OR. The truck and camper are in excellent condition. Due to changing circumstances, I was only able to sleep in the camper for 2 nights and now moving to a more urban area over the summer. Yes, the camper is essentially brand new. Everything functions as new. I have the clean title in my possession. Asking, $ for the entire package and I prefer to sell as a package. I am ready to part ways with the truck as soon as there is a buyer. I will not ship the truck, local pickup only.

Truck Details: $

GFC Details $

More pictures will be uploaded shortly.

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Would you please sell me your fitted sheets!!

Damn that sucks for a build that early. More urban than that? Getting rid of your truck and going deeper into the city. I’m bummed for you but hopefully it’s for good reason. Good luck.

My new place has a tandem parking spot and with my wife’s car and my motorcycles. I need a much shorter rig. I think I’ll come back to GFC in the future, the timing wasn’t right for me when I first bought it. I got much busier with work the moment my GFC landed. In the future I’ll be seeking a welded space frame GFC vs the bolt-on support model.


I would like to keep them with the camper, but if the new owner doesn’t want them, I will contact you.

Can you send me a text

I’d also be interested in the magnet window covers as well.

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Interested in the GFC. I’m located relatively close. Let me know if still available/willing to split from your rig.


Hi All,

The truck/camper combo is currently pending sale; deposit has been received. I will update if it becomes available again for any reason, but I do not suspect it will.


If sale falls through, I’m interested and also located in Portland.

Rig & camper are sold. Thank you everyone.