SOLD For sale GFC Flightdeck for Tacoma Long Bed



GFC Flightdeck designed for a Long Bed Tacoma If someone wanted to put it in a 5ft bed, all they would have to do is cut the channel on the side of the bed so that it is a foot shorter and will accommodate the length of the short bed…

  • Price $1200

  • Location Seattle Area can arrange to meet

  • If shipping is needed cost of $50

  • 6 Cross bars 2 of which were used to mount a fridge slide so have drilled holes for mounting bolts

  • 10 panels one of which flange was cut to allow room for fridge slide

  • Will include 12 track nuggets

  • Used one season of wheeling / overlanding and love the simplicity and design

  • Link to video “What is a GFC Flight Deck?” Login • Instagram

  • Feel Free to DM any questions

  • Attached are 14 photos to show the install process and see it in action!

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