SOLD For Sale- GFC Superlite, FULL PACKAGE

Deciding to sell my launch-edition GFC Superlite, GFC Mattress and ladder so it’s ready for your next adventure

Comes with a set of the universal Fly Blocks in the mounting tracks so you can use ARB-style spring rods to keep the side flaps propped open for better ventilation. More information can be found on the creator’s site- Superlite Fly Blocks by colin belisle - Exposure

If you have a 5th-Gen 4Runner, we can transfer my factory roof rack with the tent attached to your vehicle and you can be on your way.

GFC Superlite
GFC Mattress
GFC Ladder

OEM Toyota 4Runner Rack
Fly Blocks- Universal
ARB Tent Rods

Located in Seattle, WA and local pickup is preferred.

Price is set at $2300

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Might have a friend who’s been looking for a superlite in Seattle. Ill hit em up!

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I’m interested and live in the Seattle area. I have a roof rack so I don’t need that. Is there a way to DM on this site? I’m new here.

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DM sent

Tap on the username to DM

DM sent to see if it’s available :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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The genius system that GFC uses doesn’t allow new people to DM …

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Since I can’t DM, here are my questions.

  1. Why are you selling?
  2. Any wear on the tent? How often have you used?
  3. I have a Sherpa rack so the OEM rack and Fly Blocks won’t work with my setup. How much for just the tent and the mattress?

Still available? PM me if so.

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Everything is still available! DM me and let’s get this out of my garage

PM me if still available! Thanks!

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wanna sell me the arb rods and fly blocks?

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Superlite and all accessories are sold