SOLD: For Sale Kinsmen Hardware RAPID DEPLOY 270° AWNING

For Sale Kinsmen Hardware RAPID DEPLOY 270° AWNING. Still in original shipping boxes - never opened. This mounts to the passenger side of your GFC. I never got around to mounting it to my camper. Now that I sold my GFC, I have no use for the awning. $1700 plus freight. I will ship it UPS Ground Freight which should not cost more than $250. No Wait and $400 cheaper than list price. You can check out the awning at 270° Awning — Kinsmen Hardware LLC

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking

Hi @ejshover - where are you located / shipping from?

Barry, Illinois 62312

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PM sent. I need to check with Matt about the new mounting brackets to deal with the new hinges…

I have an awning that is completed. But, I have new hinges and he is working on creating new brackets that are compatible with the new hinges. Hoping he get’s them done soon and shipped.

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