[SOLD] For Sale: Spot #1025 - Ready for Build

This is now sold

Standard platform camper. Locked in at V1 pricing. Ready for build now.

How fast they will build this for you depends on what truck model you have and whether the V2 design is ready for it or not. I have a Ranger, so I was going to have to wait until May, so I went and bought a used one instead.

If you have a Tacoma, I’d imagine they could get it ready for you in a matter of weeks. (but no promises, obviously I am not GFC).

Asking $750. I paid a premium when I bought this slot, so just trying to recoup my costs.

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Hi - I’m interested. Please text me: 646 496 7007

i’ll get in line also, if it doesn’t work out with person above

Put me in line, I am interested as well!


Did this sell yet?