(SOLD)For sale: Tacoma V1 5ft camper $6500(SOLD)

Located in Phoenix, AZ area - has served me well, just have not been able to use it like I want this year - don’t see it changing in foreseeable future.

Cement space frame. Upgraded hinges. Rear window. Flannel sheets. Ladder. Shittco awning kit. No issues with sealing, water/dust tight for me. Have ARB awning with 3 GFC awning mounts that can be included for additional $500.

Thanks for interest. Let me know if you have any questions.

I’m interested could you text me at 608-359-4489 please.

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How did you like that awning? Thats the one that I was planning on getting!

Any way you want to stick it in a tube and ship it to Virginia?

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It worked great for me. And I liked how it went along well with my build. Guess it’s possible to ship your way, will see what those interested in the GFC want tk do first. Thanks

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Interested if still available
Thank you

Hi I am in SD and interested. Please text me thank you. Btw What year is it?

(619) 372 2914 Ed