SOLD: For Sale - V2 GFC Ford Ranger 5' Bed - $6000

Life sometimes throws a curve and looking to find a new home.
Took possession in March 2022. Build #3206

Like new and only slept 5 nights total in it.
Standard Black
Tangerine Tent Fabric.
Front and Back windows
2x Beef Bars (not picture and will install before send off)

Happy to answer any questions or send additional pics.
Selling truck as well if anyone is interested.

Hello! Are you in CO (I saw another car’s plate in the photo)? If so, which town/city?

I am in Colorado. I live in Broomfield

Thank you for your reply. I’m on vacation with my Ranger on the Western Slope, but Broomfield is a bit off course for me. Best of luck with your sale!

Hey, is this still available!? I’m wondering if it would fit our 2019 Raptor. I think they have the same bed size.

It just sold Last weekend.

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