SOLD - FOR SALE: V2 RTT w/ extras $2500

V2 RTT (Brown) in great condition, with GFC fitted sheet, three universal mounting brackets, two aftermarket mounting crossbars (one full length, one 6" shorter) and four 2" feet used to mount tent to rhino backbone system.

Bought a sprinter and never use it anymore, so clearing out space and getting new toy money.

Tent is in Felton, CA.

Hello! Is this still available? Was hoping to grab a new one but with the lead times I think I might get a used one instead — I have the next few weeks off and could drive down and pick it up :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Man,
You already sell this, or still available? I have a 5th gen mount kit already installed on my T4R. Only hiccup is that I’m in Seattle, but could probably find a little time to road trip down to you over the next few weeks. Or meet you somewhere between here and there.

sorry, sold last week.