SOLD: FOR SALE: V2 spot #1831

Spot #1831 for sale. THX!

Spot has been sold


When is the approximate build date scheduled?

Estimated build date June/July

If it’s for an XL I’m interested!


No options have been set for this build so you can make it whatever you want.

I do believe it’s for a standard build, but because no options have been set, I think it could be changed to a XL?

@MoVDP @boogieshoes #1831 was for a standard size and can be changed to an XL once you get the notice to set your options. You will notice on your final invoice the extra $75 difference in deposit between the standard and XL.


MoVDP, is your spot still available?

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I am looking for a spot. Is yours still available?

Hi there! Yes, the spot is still available. I’m looking to sell it for $1100…the earlier spot I bought was that much, so I was looking to recover that cost. OBO

The spot you bought for $1100 cost that much because it’s an earlier build… your spot in the 1800s is worth $500 lol


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