SOLD: For sale - V2 unit 3914


I have unit 3914 for sale.

It’s for a Tacoma long bed. Just removed from my 21 Tacoma three days ago. It was used for one road trip with about 2 weeks of camping. Installed 8/29/22 in Belgrade.
Worked really well and love the camper.

I installed a freespirit 270’ awning.
The mantis ladder and brackets from go fast.
Also have 4 light brackets that were never installed.

The camper is black with a front and back window. The tent is grey with two side doors as well.

I’m located in Roseville ca. have a lot of free time to show camper till second week of January then I’ll be back to work and have to show later in the day when I get home. I have rigged up a pulley system in the garage to take camper on n off so if you don’t have a lift on your Tacoma we could install here. We can also reach out to sac and see if they can squeeze in an install for you.

I’m looking to get 9k obo for camper with everything I have included. If you don’t want some of those parts we can negotiate but I very much want everything gone at same time.

I’m changing my set up to a late model ford 550 and the Tacoma will be sold to consolidate to that. If I wasn’t upgrading to a different truck I would be more then happy to keep this as the entire set up and functioning of the Tacoma, go fast camper, and decked bed drawer system is really awesome together.

Yes the decked drawer system is available as well. But most likely will sell with the Tacoma.

Thanks for your interest and here are all the pictures and breakdowns of my costs to compare.

I have more pictures and can get any specific ones y’all may want.

Text Shayne at 925-963-7918


Price update

$8500 Make an offer!

Got with stellar built in sac and they install there for 175 and have new weather striping for bed available. Installs are in Thursday’s.

If you have a stock height Tacoma I can do it in my garage.

Also this camper will fit any Tacoma access cab OR double cab 6’ bed years 2016 through 2023.

Hi shayne, how many miles on your tacoma? I’m in the market for your whole setup, truck, camper, awning etc. Just want to see what price range you were looking at for the truck. Just want a ballpark estimate to see what price range we might be looking at for your whole rig. Thank you

The truck blue books at 40k for private. So be lookin at high 40’s. The truck has 37k

Thank you for getting back to me, as mentioned im in the market to purchase a truck. Im currently contacting dealers to buy new as they’re looking to be around mid 40s right now unless I find a good price for a used truck. I’m planning on purchasing asap. Hoping to look into buying your gfc camper and awning if it hasn’t sold by then. Appreciate the time thanks.

Yea no problem. Private will cost ya about the same as new I suppose. If I trade her in I’ll let ya know where I do. But I was gunna do that in a few months. Camper was just first to go. Keep my info and good luck.

It Sold! Thanks for every ones interest