[SOLD] FS: Build #1920 July/Aug No Options Set $575

Hey hey -

I lucked out and got an earlier spot so have #1920 for sale (July/Aug build). I am not the original owner of the spot but GFC confirmed there’s no issue with transferring again. No options set, can be standard or XL. I paid $575 because it was XL originally so that’s what I’d like to get back.

Priority will be given to the first reply and then follow that order.

Here’s how the transfer works:

  1. Private message me your email and I will start a thread with us and GFC that we’re initiating a transfer
  2. You will make payment to me (preferably via Venmo, no fees)
  3. I will reply back on the email with GFC that payment is received and transfer can be made
  4. GFC will then reply back requesting your details and that’s it!

GFC is slammed so email replies from them can take a few days (the other spot I just bought took all week to complete) so please keep that in mind and be patient.

I have someone who replied already, transfer pending

I’ll take it if that falls through. Thanks