[SOLD!] FS: built-out 2020 Toyota Tacoma MT with GFC V2 (build #2112)

Hey ya’ll…

Located in Central Oregon. Asking $50,000.

This is a 3rd gen TRD Off-Road, double cab, short bed, 6 speed manual transmission, quicksand color, with 39k miles. The truck is in excellent condition. Not a scratch on it, inside and out. It comes with two full sets of wheels and tires (5 each), AT for summer and studded snow tires for the winter.

Here is a list of all of the upgrades that I’ve done since owning it:

  • GFC V2 Platform Camper with 2 beef bars, drip rails, ladder + mantis claw, fitted sheets
  • Matt Gecko LED light strips in both upper and lower. Red + white in the upper, white-only in lower. Wired to plug into a 12V battery in the truck bed. I’ve been using a Jackery 1000X (not selling that).
  • GZilla awnings
  • VRNCLR soft storage in upper and lower (“The Top Shelf”, two front “Frame Packs”, and the “Bedding Catch”)
  • ARB OME heavy load (300kg) suspension (2” lift) with OME UCAs
  • Nitro 4.88 gears
  • Backwood Adventure Mods front bumper with full bull bar
  • On-board ARB twin air compressor under passenger seat
  • Desert Does It seat jackers for driver and passenger seats
  • Desert Does It bed stiffeners
  • 2” amber spot lights (replaces factory fogs)
  • Summer wheels: Method 705 17” (beadgrip)
  • Summer tires: Yokohama Geolandar X-AT 285/70/R17 (33”) Load E
  • Winter wheels: Method 305 NV 17” (fake beadlock)
  • Winter tires: Hercules Avalanche TT (studded) 285/70/R17 (33”) Load E

It also came with the “tech package” from the dealership. I have tire chains if you want them, not that you’ll ever need them but just in case you get asked to show that you have them.

I’ve been the sole owner of this truck. It’s been my daily driver for the past 3 years and I’ve treated it like my baby. I’ve stuck to the recommended service schedule strictly. Never been in an accident. Happy to provide full service history upon request.

Why am I selling?

Life changes and you have to adapt. My wife doesn’t drive stick so it’s tough on long road trips when I have to drive the whole time. We also have three medium-large sized dogs now and the truck isn’t ideal for that since at least one dog needs to ride in the truck bed, and it’s hard to regulate the temperature back there while driving in the cold winters and hot summers of Central Oregon.


More pictures in this Google album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/2SYZLFVBYKVoddkM6

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Interested in selling the GFC alone?

Based out of Vancouver BC and would drive down to pick up.


Hey Jordan, if I don’t find a buyer for the whole thing soon then I’d definitely be open to selling the GFC separately.

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Okay please keep me posted!

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