*SOLD* FS- Dual Bed Drawer Storage System

Custom made Dual drawer bed storage system for short bed truck. The two drawer center section is 48” between the wheel wells and approx 62” long. The edges of the drawer system were made to fit around the bedside of a Tundra Crewmax. This part can be used or not, it can be separated from the main center piece. Or you can customize the edges to fit your specific model truck bed.

12” tall with carpet lined top. Each drawer is 60” long, 20.5” internal drawer width, 10” internal drawer depth. System is made from Birch wood and coated with sealer for water protection. Mounts to the bed using turn buckles which attach to the stock tie down mount bolts. Sides around wheel well areas have storage with lids. Adjustable internal dividers to select your size of spacing. Drawer slides lock in the out and in positions and are high quality OVIS 60” locking slides. Around $600 just in slides.

Asking $1000 obo. Some superficial scuffs from regular use but functions great. Located in San Diego and will help you install in your Tundra if you come to me. If you have a different model and want me to make side storage for your truck we can discuss. Worked awesome paired with our GFC but changing things up so this needs to go.

Message me on here or IG Prospect_Overland


Wow, awesome setup - how much does the system weigh?

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I think a little under 300lb


Is this still available? if it is, how flexible are you on the price? please let me know. I’m also close to San Diego. love the YouTube videos…

Thank You,

Sorry forgot to update with SOLD. But thanks for checking out the videos!!