SOLD FS: Puff Pad Mattress $250

I upgraded to the Turbo Nap Mattress so my Puff Pad Mattress is for sale
Used less than 10 times, in great condition, very comfy, and I’ll include an electric inflator with the purchase (not pictured)
Located in San Francisco and willing to ship.

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How is the Turbo nap mattress? Worth the upgrade?

I haven’t had the chance to sleep on it yet, but it feels comfy


Still available, free shipping

Still available?

yep, still got it!

Giving this one more bump here in hopes that someone is interested

$250 shipped, Includes a USB charged inflator pump and I’ll also include a size large GFC t-shirt. The mattress is very comfortable and is in great condition.

Heres some more pictures as well

How does that Turbo Pad compare to the puff pad?

both are pretty similar in comfort. The puffpad can be tuned more to firmness which was nice, but I’m liking not having to inflate it every time

Does it have foam in it like the exped or is it just air?

yeah it has foam in it with the air. It’s very similar to the exped. I’ve used one of those also and found the puffed to be more comfortable, the exped had a bouncy feel IMO, and this one is more plush even though it’s slightly thinner. It also fits inside the GFC tents better.

Shoot me a PM. For some reason I can’t send you one.