SOLD - FS Superlite in AZ

Selling my Launch Edition Superlite in the Phoenix area. I’ve used the tent 3 times and I really love it with one exception. I’m 6’1" and it’s great if I’m by myself but a bit tight when my wife is with me. Includes tent, GFC mattress and ladder (used once). I can take the tent on and off of my Jeep by myself so it lives in my garage, not on the Jeep.

Also, I had to repair one of the loops on the top that holds the straps. I had an automotive upholster restitch it (and we added Gorilla Glue) so it’s a solid repair (see pic below). You’d never be able to tell which strap was repaired but I’ll show any potential buyers exactly what we did to make sure that you’re fully aware and comfortable.


How did you mount it to your pioneer platform?

Was the repair due to manufacturing defect or an accident?

A tree limb snagged the strap and pulled the loop out. Not a mfg defect but I do believe that the repaired loop is much stronger thanks to the added Gorilla Glue.

Quick releases on Rhino Rack cross bars. I also had it mounted directly to the platform with some flat plates that I fabbed up.

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