SOLD: FS: V1 RTT for sale, NC

Purchased late 2020, like new condition since I just mounted but never used it. Has 2 side windows , one side door with main rear entry. Grey material and front air deflector. It’s been on a 5th Gen 4Runner so have mounts and antenna delete as well. Don’t have a storage location so still mounted until sold. Would need to coordinate to remove and get antenna delete unless you get that/have it already.

$4600.00 and I’ll give you the 4Runner mount kit and antenna delete kit if needed. Was about $660 for both when I purchased set up. Also working in sale of the 4Runner with or without so may be withdrawn if I get a buyer.

Located in Winston-Salem, NC

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Price change after reviewing my original paperwork. It included the mounts which I said I’ve give for free so down to $3900.00.

Still available? 727-560-0201

Available? 406-212-7477

Yes. Still mounted on 4Runner as advised and still available.

I’m interested and have a few questions, text me please.

RTT sold pending payment/pick-up.

SOLD and on the way out west for a few week vacation with the new owner