SOLD FS V2 5"8' Chevy 1500 (2019+ - 2023)

Hey Y’all,
Selling my GFC V2, built in October 2021, & installed on a 2020 Chevy 1500 5’8"’ bed. This should fit any Chevy 1500 from 2019-2023. Lightly used. I have about 20 nights in it. I love this camper! I am getting a new truck and this won’t fit my new truck. GFC charges $9300 for this model and options out of the factory. Plus I am including $1200 in Accessoires. (New would cost 10,500)

Asking $7500


  • Front and rear windows
  • Both tent side doors
  • Tangerine Dream tent color
  • Black exterior

I am also including:

  • 1x Ladder + Mantis Claw + $290
  • 3x Beef Racks +$600
  • Set of fitted Sheets +$100
  • Set of Rain rails +$100
  • Shittco Awning Hack V2.0 +$120
  • $1200 in Accessoires

Asking $7000
Located in Hood River, OR (Unable to Travel. The Camper is off my Truck. But have a forklift so we can load it on your truck.

Please email me for more details!

EDIT: For Sale $6600

This camper is on Blocks, in Hood River, OR. I have a forklift for an easy installation. Email me with Questions!

update: Pending Sale

Did you sell this?