(Sold) FS VRNCLR rear frame bags for Tacoma

I bought these for my third gen Tacoma DCSB GFC. They are great bags, and would work great in warm weather climates, but I am planning on staying in Alaska for a while, and they are completely useless here because the doors are only accessible when the camper is open. I Drilled the mounting holes in Corners, but those can be patched over pretty easily. Check the VRNCLR. website if you have questions about fitment. I hate to see these go because they are such well-made bags, but they just don’t work in my situation

450 OBO for the pair, free shipping from AK

Do you know if these will fit a long bed? It looks like the frame triangles might be the same size, just further apart for the long bed. If you don’t know off hand could you measure across the top? If they will fit I will take them…and they can stay within Alaska (just relocate down to the wet coastal part where it is 48 degrees today…man give me some snow!!!). Thanks

Should fit, the VRNCLR site doesn’t differentiate between short and long bed when ordering, it’s just “Tacoma”

DM me and I can get these out today when I’m in Anchorage

Interested if for some reason deal does not work out with @bmcq


The long bed rear triangles are different than the front ones.

@Medicfung would you care to elaborate? Why doesn’t the VRNCLR site differentiate?

Iirc the triangles are of different size. When I ordered my set I remember having to be
Specific what truck bed I have, being a long bed I needed to be clear with him.

Let me know if it works maybe I’m wrong?

Bags arrived today and they fit perfectly on the long bed Tacoma. My guess is that the ‘triangles’ of the frame are the same size for both Tacoma long bed and short bed GFCs so the frame bags are interchangeable (at least that is so for the rear frame bags), there is just more space between the triangles (so the center trapezoid would be different sizes). The frame bolt is in a different location so I did have to drill a new hole. Thanks Steezeman!!!

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Yes, they said the accessory points have changed several times over the last couple years, so VRNCLR doesn’t pre-drill.