SOLD: Gen 2 All 4 Panels 3rd Gen Tacoma Short Bed - White

I am selling all 4 Panels from a 2022 Tacoma short bed Gen 2 camper, was installed August 2022. Panels have the front and rear window in white powder coat with the rear window Tinted. I have all keys available as well. Rear panel has a small chip on the bottom corner, otherwise in great condition with no other flaws.

Located in Cincinnati Ohio Asking $995.00.
All panels new from GoFast run $2,800.00+


Bump, great deal for anyone wanting white panels or needs new panels.

Hi. I’m not interested in your panels. I have 4 panels on my GFC. May I ask a question, though? Feel free to ignore my question if you wish.
What are you going to do with the other part of the GFC? Are you planning to use it like a bed rack with a rtt attached? I don’t think it would be a great plan to use it with the bottom of the bed panels exposed. Just curious.


I changed panel colors.

Oh, got it. That makes perfect sense. I hadn’t thought about that.