SOLD: GFC #249 For Sale

GFC Build 249 for sale WITH OVS 270 Awning.
After a year and a half it’s time to move on. GFC 249 is officially up for sale. This is for a 2nd or 3rd gen short bed Tacoma.
This GFC has the following upgrades:

  • Side Door

  • Roof rack

  • Shitco Rear door awning blocks

  • 3 GFC Awning mounts

  • OVS 270 Nomadic awning

  • GFC Red Flannel Sheets

  • Interior Lights in lower section

  • Upper section Lights and Mesh pockets

  • Lower Section Storage Hammock / Netting

  • Added Rubber seals around top and bottom for bugs

We have used this GFC all over the country and up into Canada. It’s been comfortable in sub freezing temps, and has enough ventilation to keep us comfortable though the summers. We’ve no issues with the hinges, and being that it’s a lower build number it should be on the early list for hinge replacement from GFC. Our last trip put us near the GFC headquarters so I sent them pictures of my hinges to see if we needed to come in. We all agreed that they show no signs of cracking, so we opted to wait for them to come to us.

For a more detailed walkaround here is a quick video shot yesterday:

As for the usual “Why are you selling”: It’s because I like to tinker and build as much as I enjoy traveling. This has been a near perfect setup for us, but it’s time to start a new build.

I’m listing this for 8k with the awning and brackets. I’d prefer not separating because the awning has modified to work with the brackets to keep it out of the way of the GFC doors.

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Hello, where are you located? Chatt by chance based on your user name? Thanks!

That’s correct! I’m here in Chattanooga.

Hi! Is this still available? If so, I’m very interested!

Sorry Wolfer, this was sold back in 2020. Should have updated the post.