SOLD: GFC Build Spot #3161 $400 Install Early July

Build #3161 ready to build, no options set. Platform camper Standard build. Selling spot for $400. Install date is July 12th, this can be changed based off your schedule if you need it to.

Was for a 3rd gen Tacoma (5ft bed) but truck specs and options can be changed since invoice hasn’t been paid yet.

I am interested PM me - Wade

Anyone can pay today and get a build spot for early July. FCFS…

I am 3757 so that’s quite sooner in the line up than me. They told me early July also but not sure how that could be since I’m 6xx orders after this. I may be interested so I can move ahead.

yeah seems unreliable but could also be because when you booked in relation to the install date, if there was enough of a gap there their schedule was probably more free

Is this spot still available? Interested

yes it is, PM me if you’re interested

Hey there is this still available?

Is this spot Available?

Is this spot still available?

Is this available

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Good Morning, is this available?

already taken, unable to remove