SOLD: GFC Camper for 2015-2022 Chevrolet Colorado

Selling my GFC, #3271, picked up in April of 2022. It’s been great, has no issues, and is in excellent condition. I’m selling the truck under it, and think I’ll be able to get a better price separating the camper.
Local pickup only, in Bremerton, WA.
Price: $7200


Hi, what platform are you selling the truck on?

Hey, I am very interested in the camper. Im currently waiting on my truck to come in and if the GFC camper for the 2015-2022 Colorados fits the new 2023 beds I’m keen to take this off your hands. Feel free to DM me to continue the conversation.

I haven’t listed the truck yet, and it’ll probably be a few weeks before I do.

Which gen (1 or 2) is this topper? Looks like 2 but want to confirm.

I’m in Colorado but can drive out. Like that you have the front and back windows.

PM me if still available. Thank you.

Hey is this still available?
Live in seattle and would love to come and take a look

Sorry, it’s been sold.