**SOLD** GFC Flight Deck, Double cab short bed

GFC Flight Deck:
This is the full flight deck option for a 5’ bed. The flight deck itself is in excellent conditions. Missing 2 out of the 8 black panels that comes with it. You can get them through GFC directly. Also included are 4 track nuggets. Dometic slide not included.

Price: $1500
Shipping: $35
Payment: Cash, Venmo, Paypal (family/friend)
Pick-up location: San Luis Obispo, Ca

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Added shipping info for the flight deck.

If the flight deck fit a tundra I would be all about it.

I hope they come out with full size soon. This thing is awesome. One of the best storage solutions out there (in my opinion). Consideing how light it is.

I am interested in the flight deck. What is the reason you are selling it?

Going full size. That’s why I sold the GFC too. But I’ll be getting the exact same setup for the full size.

Thanks for the quick reply, I am looking at if for a sleeping platform for my kids. Seem like it would work great and offers options for storage.

Is there a way to send you a private message on here?

I believe you have to have made a few comments on the forum then you can select the icon next to their name then click Message.