SOLD: GFC for 3rd gen short bed Tacoma

Bought this with the hopes of building a tacoma going a different route now. It was built summer 2021 and is in fantastic shape.
has 3 rigid scene lights
4 beef bars
awning mounts
all the panels are wrapped in gray
looking for 8500 and located in Bozeman, MT
feel free to email me

has some holes that can be used to run the wiring or easily be plugged if not using them

Thought I should mention the holes were professionally done and have fittings for running wires. Attached is a picture of the fittings.

DROPPING THE PRICE NOW $7500 or best offer

I’ll give you 7,700 if you can deliver this to nc haha

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I’m in San Francisco. If you want to meet me halfway to Bozeman, I’ll take it.

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@blake1868 private message sent.

Camp has been SOLD Thanks for your interest!