SOLD: GFC for DCLB Tacoma for Sale, #419. Located in Southern California

Up for sale is my GFC, # 419. I am asking $7,500/OBO.

This will fit Long Bed Tacoma only. Per GFC, this will also fit 1st & 3rd Gen.

I took delivery via white glove in May 2020, so it has less than a year of ownership. It is in excellent condition and well taken care of and cleaned after every trip. Everything is fully functional and with all original parts to include the seal hinges. Mattress was used only a few times, as I replaced it with an Exped mattresses (Exped mattress is not included in sale). All accessories attached are not included in sale unless stated below.

I got all options available and the following are my specs:

• Black Panels
• Grey Space Frame
• Tent with side door on driver side
• Front and Rear Windows
• Shitco Awning Blocks and tent rods.
• GFC Awning Brackets
• GFC white and black sheets

I am located in Southern California, specifically the Orange County area. Sell will have to happen in this area, as I have access to a fork lift that will help in the transfer of the GFC to the buyer.

Suggest buying new bulb seals as the original ones may not be reusable.

The reason I am selling is for the V2.

Hey, i am definitely interested, are you flexible on price?

I could do $7100, any higher it just makes sense to get in line for a new one. I am not familiar with the awning blocks and tent rods listed so don’t know what that adds to the value.

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Shittco blocks and tent rods run $100ish depending on which style

Buyer just backed out. Up for sale again

Hey I’m super interested, located in Northern Cal. Please DM me or email to coordinate sale.