Sold - GFC Lighting Kit - Sold

I have a Truck Parts GFC Camper lighting kit, nothing has been used let alone opened.

I ordered before I had really planned out what direction I wanted to go and have been unable to get a return processed. Asking $350 shipped. (save $25, plus shipping, and tax)

Do you have the adhesive strips as well?

Yes the factory adhesive strips are still there. This is the whole kit as shipped by I only opened the box to inventory the kit.

Is this kit still available?

Yes, It still is.

I needed to make this post 20 characters.

Bump price drop to $300, buyer pays shipping.

Verifying again, does it include the “Cable Management Kit” which is an extra $15? So your total when purchasing should have been $395 plus shipping.

Yes this includes the cable management kit.

How many lights are included? Doesnt say on the site and only shows 3 in the picture.

There are six total. This is the installation guide and lays everything out nicely.

I’ll take it.

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