SOLD: GFC Platform RTT V2 (5th Gen 4Runner) - Los Angeles / Orange County

The Platform RTT was picked up at GFC on September 6, 2021 and has been slept in for 11 nights. Accessories were purchased at time of my deposit, so everything is extremely clean and like new.

Sale Includes:

  • GFC RTT v2: (Tangerine Dream, Double Doors)
  • Brand New GFC Mattress (We used an Exped Megamat Max Duo)
  • GFC 5th Gen 4Runner RTT Mounting Kit (Antenna Delete not included)
  • GFC Ladder w/ Mantis Claw
  • VRNCLR Storage Top Shelf (Coyote)
  • Shittco Awning Blocks (v2) with tent rods

I’m asking $4,250 picked up in Los Angeles, CA or Yorba Linda, CA .
Willing to deliver for a separate fee

Available options (not included in asking price)

  • Gobi Ladder (5th Gen 4Runner)
  • Exped Megamat Duo (Long Wide Double, Brand New)
  • James Baroud Awning (98")
  • GFC Universal Bracket (x2)
  • Racksbrax Quick Release Awning Mount (x2)

The RTT is clean and ready for immediate sale, however it remains mounted in case delivery is required.

PM me with any questions, happy to discuss!

How hold is your RTT? I have the Superlite but looking into the RTT!! Email me at

Original buyer backed out last minute, right before I had to move. Settled into the new place now, so the RTT is available again. I can’t edit the original post, but the details are the same.

Price is adjusted to $4,000 picked up in Eagle Rock, CA.
Also willing to deliver for a separate fee.

You still holding on to this hoping to sell?

Hey, it’s been sold

Mods please close thread, thanks!