SOLD: GFC PuffPad — SF/Bay Area

I have a 10-nights slept PuffPad for sale. This was received in early November of 2022 as a warranty replacement (thanks GFC customer service!) for our original PuffPad that had an issue.

We’ve switched to a Hest Dually in our Superlite, so the PuffPad should move on to another owner. We were pretty happy with the PuffPad but some mobility and comfort issues have necessitated a switch.

Right now I’d prefer not to ship, so if you’re in San Francisco, or local, or willing to come get it, let’s do that.

These are $329 pre-tax and shipping, looking for $250.

Bump, and price drop to $200 for GFC’ers.

I’m interested, can you ship it to Oregon?

SOLD! :v:

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