SOLD: GFC Superlite For Sale (Los Angeles, CA)

Hey All,

I’m putting my new Superlite up for sale. Similar to some other people selling I’m just too tall for it 6’4, 200lbs. I only used it one time, it was amazing - other than my height. I’m selling it with the GFC PuffPad Mattress (only used once), quick release set up from GFC, locking system, ladder (from amazon).

What’s included?

  • GFC Superlite Tent
  • GFC Puffpad Mattress
  • Superlite Quick Release Mount (universal crossbar kit)
  • Bolts & T nuts used for the quick-release lock kit.
  • Superlite Quick Release Lock Kit (set of 4)
  • Telescoping Ladder from amazon

Located in Los Angeles but I’m happy to drive an hour & a half or so in any direction. I’m bummed I have to put this up for sale but happy for someone’s new adventures.

I’m selling everything together. Not trying to sell off just one or two items.

Price: $3,000

Message me with contact info or any questions if you’re interested, thank you!

I’d be interested at $2000. New your whole setup is about $2400

@Dags12 hey dags! Yeah new the whole setup is $2500. Happy to lower the price to $2400. It’s been used one time & in perfect condition. Trying to just break even on this so i can put the $ toward the platform camper.