SOLD GFC Topper for sale 6ft bed

Have a virtually brand new topper for sale. I’m happy with it but after a few nights in it it won’t fit my needs. Has a rear window with MGM color matched panels as the only options. Also have rear cover from Strawfoot that comes with it. I’m currently in San Diego for the next few weeks and will be travelling back to Maryland at the end of the month. So can deliver between I-70 and I-10. Asking 4K cash.



Hey Paul! I would be interested. Could you text me more pictures at 480-352-2778? I’m in Flagstaff and could probably meet halfway.

Super interested! Shoot me your number and happy to talk :slight_smile:

Here’s a update on my travel plans based on interest shown. I’m heading to Salt Lake City to look at a camper. From there will be on 80 going east bound and dropping down to 70 for the rest of the way to Maryland.

YO! I’m in slc. Super interested. Can we link up?

Back in Maryland. Giving the truck and me a break from driving for a week or so. If anyone is interested on the East Coast let me know. Only looking to drive within 150 mile radius. I have seals for tailgate to include as well.

Just checking if this is still available. I’m in upstate ny but willing to drive to meet you somewhere that works.

SOLD thanks for the interest everyone