SOLD--GFC V1 for sale Tacoma DCSB--SOLD

For sale is camper number 701. Black panels and grey space frame. Extras: front and back windows, dual side entry doors on tent, 3 beef racks, awning brackets, wind skid, and new embassy hinges and door struts installed about 2 months ago. Camper and tent are in almost new condition. It was installed on my Tacoma in July of 2020. I am located in New York, making this a rare GFC camper that is on the East coast. Please call/txt/email for pics. $7500. Thank you.

607 427-9664

Dumb question but what makes your GFC rarer than mine that is also on the East Coast as well.

His is for sale. (20 characters)


Thank you gwiz. I wasn’t sure how to respond to this.


Great answer I like that…

That was the point as I wanted to see what you would say.

Is that a long bed or short bed Taco? Asking for a friend…

It’s a short bed tacoma …

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CAMPER IS SOLD! (20 characters)

Now that this is sold, I have to tell you how annoying it was that you were constantly asking silly questions and purposely getting involved in my sale. You had no interest in purchasing my item, you just had to get involved for no reason other than to cause problems. I was frustrated with you and still don’t understand why you did that. Please keep your opinions and “jokes” to yourself if you are not genuinely interested in buying. It’s hard enough to sell a $7000 pop-top camper without saying, “what makes yours better than mine?” Etc…So silly and ridiculous of you.