SOLD: GFC V2(.5ish) RTT (Coeur d' Alene, Idaho)

Go Fast Campers V2 RTT

  • Originally installed by GFC 1/14/2022
  • Tent canvas replaced by GFC 2/13/2022 for a seam that was not glued correctly


  • After market mounts
  • Universal Mounting bracket for awning mounts (2)
    • ARB Awning not included.
  • Manits Claw Ladder system
  • Puffpad Mattress
  • Original GFC mattress
  • Will also include 4 homemade beef bars (cross bars) and appropriate GFC mounting hardware.

Nothing wrong with the tent just need to switch to a different setup. We had so much fun on our adventures that now the family wants to bring friends. So we need something that can sleep more people.

Will entertain partial trades ($ on my side) for 7.5x14’ or larger tandem axle cargo trailer.



Would you be willing to meet at GFC for uninstall/installation?

It wouldn’t be my first choice as it’s close to a 6 hour drive. But I would be willing to do it for a full price offer and buyer covers the un-install cost.

I should have checked, it would have been faster to meet you in Seattle. I’m gonna get a 5th Gen mount kit ASAP, then maybe you’d be willing to meet in George, WA (halfway point between us). And maybe you’d take $2750 (I only want the RTT, awning mounts & original mattress).

I am pretty firm on the price and want to avoid breaking it up so I don’t have to sell things independently. I have a couple folks interested that are local to my location that are looking at it today.

Keep me posted on how it goes with the local folks. I am definitely interested, but don’t need everything, so would be more inclined to pay $3000 too end for just he tent, or for everything if you don’t want to deal with selling it all separate.

I’m interested if still available and in CDA.