SOLD! GFC XL Unit #87 - Tundra Crewmax FOR SALE

SOLD. My GFC XL for a Tundra Crewmax is for sale. I love this camper, but have decided to move in a different direction (truck and all). I regret to say for my sake that it has less than 6 nights in it, but good for the new owner. It’s in perfect condition. It has the front and rear glass windows, Baja Designs S2 work/scene dust light with Amber cover, front wind screen (matches gray frame), custom awning mounts (I have Darche 270), crossbar mounts and 2 Yakima cross bars. The camper has black panels with gray space from and fitted flannel sheets. If you or someone you know is interested and doesn’t want to wait to get one of these please feel free to message me. If you’d like to see more pictures let me know or look on my instagram page (@csjet_overland). Fully transferable warranty from GFC until December 2020.

Hello, are your still in San Diego (i checked the pics on your IG)? I am located in OC and interested…

I realize I left some details off (price, location, etc.). Sorry about that. I’m in San Diego. Someone is coming tomorrow, Friday, to purchase it. If for some reason that falls through I’ll be sure to update the post.

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Did you sell it? I’d probably buy it if you didn’t sell already.

It’s sold. Updating the thread now.