SOLD- Go Fast Camper #491 For Sale- SOLD

I’ll take it man! Contact me at +15626528842

Msg me on Instagram @kevinroams

You just got it? Did you not like it? Your truck is one of the best looking RTT set ups out there.

Just going a different way and it’s the camper version, not the rtt

I was making a compliment about your rig, but thanks anyways for trying to enlighten me on what it is. Semantics or not, it is still a RTT bolted on top of a space frame. Not much different than any other RTT that utilizes a bed rack system except it has panels on the sides rather than just modular/tubular framing.


Hello! I would love if you could contact me if you camper is still up for grabs. My fiance and I are getting married really soon and we want our camper sooner to go on a honeymoon camping trip! Contact me please 425-220-2700

Send me a message on Instagram @kevinroams

Hi, I’d be interested. I live in Utah and Colorado(depending on season). Lets talk if it is still available. I have a 2014 Tacoma Extended Cab. 970-389-1711. Matt


Isn’t the extended cab a 6ft bed?

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it is, otherwise I would have bought this from you already

I apologize, I thought the standard platform fit all models of the Tacoma. The website shows two platform options, standard and XL. Their verbiage reads " 1995-PRESENT TOYOTA TACOMA: ALL BED LENGTHS EXCEPT FOR 1ST GEN STEP SIDE." I didn’t realize the short-bed Tacoma required an entirely different fit from the extended/access cab.

Price has been adjusted to 7k firm!

Is the camper still available? Will it fit a Jeep Gladiator?


I see as SOLD on TW on May 2nd