SOLD: Kinsmen 270 degree awning - new in box

$1,800. Right side mount. I bought it for my Raptor’s GFC but never installed in. Here is the order information.

Rapid Deploy 270° Awning
Passenger (US)
Go Fast Camper or RTT with Aluminum Latch bar, post 2019

Currently living near South Bend, IN.

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If I read that right, fits a V1 with Embassy hinges and aluminum latch bar?

That is the way I understand it. You can call Kinsmen to verify, the order number was #00106.

Awesome. I’m headed through there end of next week probably. If you’ve still got it, I’ll definitely buy it. If someone scoops me…le sigh…but such is the way of things.

I’ll hold it. to coordinate

After thinking it over, I’m going to pass on the awning, sorry. Decided to sell my camper and just run my trailer for a while.

ok, it’s still available!

Best damn awning on the market. Had mine for two years. None faster. None stronger. None more American-er.

yes, video’s of guys doing chin-ups on it are impressive.

*chin-ups to impress friends may void warranty. AMHIK

Adapter to make this awning fit V2 is available on Kinsman’s site.

Thanks for that info Deadman. Still available for anyone interested.

Just emailed you.
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Thanks all.

SOLD!!! Thanks!!