SOLD: LED lights - free (you pay shipping) leftover Madcap Supply lights

So, I got the Madcap Supply LED kit for my GFC a couple of years ago, and decided I don’t ever need all that much light, especially upstairs, so I took it out, and took out one of the 4 lower-level lights, as 3 is more than adequate for my needs. I just have 3 lights downstairs, and that is plenty for my needs.

These have just been sitting around, if you want them, let’s find a way to get them to you. I can ship, you can Venmo me the shipping cost, after you receive them and see that they work (and they do).

I’m in St. Paul, MN, so local pickup would be easiest, too. I just want someone to use them, or they’ll just sit in my garage.

You will need/this does not include the plug for power- this was the “upstairs” kit, so it has the dimmer switch but not the necessary power plug, you’ll have to find one of those on your own. Also a couple of extra cables, as pictured.

The adhesive is of course gone, but you can replace, or mount with small screws, or zip ties work, too.

Let me know, let’s figure something out, and get these out of my way. Cheers!


I’d take them if you don’t find a local taker, I’m out in WA state so no worries if you find a local first.


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Second if you can ship them. I’ll make it worth it for you

Dang I wish I had seen this two weeks ago!

Hey all, these are taken, thanks! trying to see if I could just delete the post… not sure…