SOLD: Modular Panels with MOLLE Pouches

Two panels, one XL (~44” x ~24”) and one L (18.5” x 27.5”) with velcro on the back. See this link for the larger panel: SOTECH Rapid Access Modular Panel

These are in good condition, between “like new” and “good”.

All pouches are removable MOLLE and have attaching straps built-in. Very durable and in good condition, no weird stains, holes, etc. All zippers are in good working order. Velcro is also in good shape. I used it for a little while on the interior roof panel but the glue on the opposite velcro stripes gave way in the summer heat… and I also had too much weight in it.

I have a minimalist setup in my truck and no space in my garage for these, this is the only reason I’m letting them go. I tried to make them work for my setup but it’s been a few years now and they’re just gathering dust. These would be great on a garage wall or for extra storage as well.

Asking for $238 plus shipping for both panels together. Free pickup in Denver, CO.