SOLD New RTT for Sale $4000

Switched up to a Camper build.

Brand new RTT on hand. Only wear is shipping and moving it (ie a little dirt).

I bought it for $4500 one week ago.

Motivated to sell it quickly. Need to sell it to help pay off my camper CC bill. Want to move it fast.

First $4000 takes it.

PM me, please.

Basic mount kit included.

Located in Henderson NV.

Call or text me at 702-739-4546

Near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Do you have any pictures of “a little dirt” and did you ever actually install/use it?


It’s never been installed nor slept in.

Unused hardware…

Thanks for the pics. Is that GFC hardware for the universal mount or for something else?

I am interested. I have confirmed the warranty would carry over (when did you buy it?) and that I can purchase mounts for my vehicle through the website.

Now I just need to decide if I am ready. Btw I am in San Diego so I would just drive over, mount it on top and drive home. Or rent a van to come get it.


I believe it was purchased within the last several month.

It does include the Universal mount.

I brought it home in my truck. I bought it new from another fellow that also decided to switch to a camper. I had a slot made available to me last week and decided to switch to camper before using it, too.

Hey just checking, is your RTT still available and are you firm on the price?


Yes, still available and yes $4k is the price. I also have a brand new ladder for sale. I will sale that at list.