[SOLD] Reservation for Sale - Unit #1304 - Early March Delivery

** SOLD on Feb 1, 2021 below $1,500 asking.

Here’s your chance! Get a GFC in 60 days or less.

Asking $1500 OBO. Grandfathered into cheaper price. No options selected yet, blank canvas for your build, get it by spring.

does the entire 1500 go towards the camper?


I dont think so…I think thats just for the spot but hopefully @JPmt will confirm. Because its a start in the next month, he’ll likely get it.

Well with the way GFC is doing the grouping of vehicles on the builds now that’s not a guarantee these days though. That’s just a ball park estimate on the start date.

$500 goes towards camper

$500 goes to grandfathered price

And $500 goes to me for holding this for a year+

Correct, 1500 for just the spot.

Also OBO, obviously need to sell it soon.

Correct. No preferences made - this assures first available for whichever build buyer chooses.

Hi is still still available? Please pm me thanks

Yes, still available.